(Frequently Asked Questions)

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction
1.0.1 Disclaimer
1.1 What is a.m.o.e?
1.1.1 Who should read this FAQ?
1.1.2 Who created this FAQ and why?
1.1.3 Where can I find the latest version of this FAQ?
1.2 Who is welcome at a.m.o.e?
1.3 Guidelines for posting questions
1.3.1 Can I advertise my auctions here?
1.3.2 Can I post announcements here?
1.3.3 What other types of posts are not welcome here?
1.3.4 How are these rules enforced?
1.3.5 Where can I advertise my auctions?
1.3.6 Can we talk about other auction-related sites here?
1.3.7 Can I cross-post my posts in a.m.o.e. to other groups?
1.3.8 I have a question not answered in this faq. Who should I ask?
1.4 Is this newsgroup moderated?

2.0 General eBay questions
2.1 Common Acronyms
2.1.1 a.m.o.e.
2.1.2 FVF
2.1.3 NARU
2.1.4 NPB
2.1.5 NR
2.1.6 EOA
2.1.7 BIN
2.1.8 VeRO
2.1.99 Links to category/item-specific terms, definitions and acronyms
2.2 Is eBay down?
2.3 How do I contact eBay?
2.4 How can I get an unjust negative feedback removed?
2.5 Are there any alternatives to eBay?
2.6 How long do auction listings stay on eBay?
2.7 If I change my eBay handle, will I lose my feedback?
2.98 Who has the highest feedback rating on eBay?
2.99 When does the [Insert Season] slump start?

3.0 Seller questions
3.1 Listing
3.1.1 What items should I sell on eBay that can make me a lot of money?
3.1.2 What items aren't allowed on eBay?
3.1.3 What should be in my auction listing?
3.1.4 What shouldn't be in my auction listing?
3.1.5 Auction Pictures How do I put more than one picture in my auction listing? Why are my pictures broken? Where can I get free picture hosting? Someone is using my pictures. What can I do?
3.1.6 Can I use my About Me page for my auction terms?
3.1.7 Should I use reserves in my auctions?
3.1.8 When is the best time to start/end an auction?
3.1.9 Are those extra-charge options worthwhile?
3.2 Getting Paid
3.2.1 What payment services should I accept?
3.2.2 What is PayPal?
3.2.3 What is eBay payments (formerly known as BillPoint)?
3.2.4 What is BidPay?
3.2.5 Can I charge a fee if someone pays me with one of these services?
3.2.6 What if my bidder doesn't respond?
3.2.7 What if my bidder responds and refuses to pay?
3.2.8 How long do I have to wait to relist my item?
3.3 Shipping
3.3.1 How much should I charge for shipping?
3.3.2 Can I use Priority Mail boxes for other types of mail?
3.3.3 Should I ship to International bidders?
3.4 After the Auction
3.4.1 When should I leave feedback?
3.4.2 What if I don't hear back from the buyer?
3.5 Selling tools
3.6 How do I become a PowerSeller?
3.7 I'm new to eBay and want to sell. How can I convince others of my

4.0 Buyer issues
4.1 Bidding
4.1.1 How much should I bid?
4.1.2 I bid $20 and my bid only shows as $1.00. Why?
4.1.3 I just lost an auction by $1.00. How did this happen?
4.1.4 I lost an auction in the last minute. How can I keep that from
happening again?
4.1.5 What is proxy bidding? How does it work?
4.1.6 What are the bid increments eBay uses to increase bids?
4.2 After the auction
4.2.1 How long should I wait for a seller to reply to my emails?
4.2.2 What should I do if my emails to the seller bounce?
4.3 Paying for your winnings
4.3.1 The seller doesn't accept [payment type]. What do I do?
4.4 After you've paid
4.4.1 How long should I wait to receive my merchandise?
4.4.2 When should I leave feedback?
4.4.3 I've been ripped off. What do I do now?

5.0 How to get kicked off of eBay
5.1 Shill bidding
5.2 Bid shielding
5.3 Don't pay for your winnings
5.4 Engage in keyword spamming
5.5 Don't pay your eBay fees
5.6 Link to your web site from your auction listing
5.7 Listing auctions with copyright violations
5.8 Have a bad email address
5.9 Registering with invalid contact information
5.10 Auction Interference

6.0 Things that _won't_ get you kicked off of eBay
6.1 Sniping
6.1.1 Why people snipe
6.1.2 Why some people hate snipers
6.1.3 How to protect yourself against snipers
6.2 Bid retractions
6.3 Posting negative feedback

7.0 EBay Stores

8.0 Credits and Thank You's!